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Clip On Table Cupholder

The Chic Pad

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Just when you thought your fancy desk was big enough for all your needs, it isn't. Amidst all the work stuff, there's hardly a place on your desk to rest a cup of beverage safely - even if you find a spot, there's always a chance of accidentally knocking it over with an arm swipe.  This portable cupholder helps by keeping your drink away from your workspace and safe from spillage.

It allows you to put a slot for holding your drinks practically anywhere, provided you can find a horizontal edge to attach it onto. With a slot measuring 3.25 inches in diameter, it should fit most travel mugs, disposable cups and PET bottles.

Box Contents:
○ 1 cup holder
○ L20cm D10cm H5cm
○ Plastic
Additional Information:
○ Suitable for desks, offices, kitchen table and so on
○ Can save desktop space effectively and prevent spilling drinks accidentally
○ Holds all kinds of small objects such as mobile phones, plants, etc.

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