ON/OFF Switch Night Lamp

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This is one of the coolest yet simplest bedside mood light. Keep it on any table and tilt it towards ‘ON’ (just like a real switch) and it simply turns on, tilt it towards ‘OFF’ and it switches off.

The On/Off Light Switch Mood Lamp glows a lovely bright warm colour with it’s super bright LED’s and is run by batteries so there are no unsightly wires getting in your way.

This extraordinarily creative switch makes a perfect bedside lamp for night time reading without disrupting your partner or even a handy little lamp for when you get caught short during the night.

Box Contents:
○ 1 LED Desk Lamp 
○ 1 USB Cable
○  19.2 x 9.6 x 10cm
○ Plastic (ABS)
Additional Information:
○ 3 SETTING MODES: 2 brightness settings (soft light and high light) with an always OFF setting (for storage). You can change the brightness level with ease to your preference.
○ WIRELESS AND RECHARGEABLE: The built-in 450mAh Li-ion battery allows it to be used wirelessly.
○ GOOD RUN TIME: Just keep it connected to a phone charger/ a PC usb port for around 2 hours. It will last 4 hours in high light and 28 hours in soft light.
○ PERFECT FOR: Reading room, bedroom, kid’s room, people of all ages. It’s also a good gift option since we wrapped it with a beautiful package.

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